One day, your dentist announces the inevitable: you need to have a tooth pulled. Or, for much too long, a missing tooth has been bothering you. In both cases, a dental implant is the best way to regain the pleasure in not only eating but also smiling!

What is a dental implant?

As an artificial structure that integrates perfectly with the jawbone, the dental implant replaces the root of a natural tooth. Two to six months after the operation, the implant will have formed a complete bond with the surrounding bone, at which point it can be capped with a false tooth (crown, bridge or denture). The implant is made of titanium, a strong and inert metal that will not be rejected by the body.

Quality and Expertise

It’s simple: the best implants are the ones that stay in place! First off, make sure that the professional who will carry out the operation has the required expertise and experience. Second, ensure that you choose a quality product. The market is full of second-rate implants and counterfeits, which can lead to durability and health problems down the road. These are to be avoided at all costs!

At PARO IMPLANTO Pointe-Claire, we hold both our workmanship and our materials to the highest standard to ensure a successful rehabilitation with dental implants. Our team of seasoned periodontists will earn your trust!

 Prevention, Aesthetics and Taste

Two advantages of dental implants are preventing bone loss and filling out empty space without damaging adjacent teeth. They are a considerable improvement upon traditional restorations such as partial dentures and fixed bridges, which can affect the shape of the face and jaw by causing the jawbone to recede gradually. Dental implants also leave the palate uncovered, so patients will not suffer the diminished taste of food that is associated with removable dentures.

Before going forward with an implant, it is important to meet with a dentist to confirm that your mouth is fit to receive this kind of treatment. For this, two criteria must be met: healthy gums and sufficient bone to support the implant.

 Implanted for Life

Did you know that a quality implant can last a lifetime? After a successful treatment, the gap in your smile becomes a thing of the past… forever! By following your dentist’s care instructions, your dental implant will last as long as natural teeth.

It’s unanimous: dental implants are the most suitable treatment to replace one or more missing teeth, or even an entire set. The success rates are very high, and the integration in the jaw provides maximum aesthetics and comfort. They feel and look just like natural teeth!