Did you know that more than 75% of Canadian adults have some form of periodontal disease?

It is possible that you have periodontal disease and not experience any of these symptoms. Nonetheless, if the problem is not treated it will likely lead to aesthetic problems, painful chewing and tooth loss.

Periolase Laser offers an alternative to periodontal surgery with the help of the LANAP Protocol. A revolutionary treatment to fight periodontal diseases!

What is LANAP?

You most certainly wonder what is this laser treatment. The acronym LANAP means Laser Assister New Attachment Procedure. This laser treatment consists in disinfecting the periodontal pocket and stimulating the reattachment of the gums to the teeth. In certain cases, LANAP treatment regenerates tissues that were killed by a disease.

This non-surgical technique allows a predictable and rapid treatment to control gum disease. As opposed to the traditional surgical approach, this treatment reduces the gingival recession and the dentinal hypersensitivity that follows therapy. This alternative to surgery have similar results without the side effects.

In some cases, the LANAP treatment causes a partial or complete regeneration of the damaged bone.

PARO IMPLANTO Pointe-Claire is the first clinic in Québec to have mastered this new technology. Make an appointment now with one of your periodontists for an evaluation!


This treatment is remarkably quick; a mouth will usually be treated in only 2 appointments. LANAP, which is used to control periodontal disease, decreases risks of gum recession and minimizes post-surgery discomfort as well as dental hypersensitivity. Patient experiences not a lot of pain or discomfort during surgery. LANAP is not meant to repair the gum, but is rather a stimulation allowing the tissue surrounding your teeth to come back to normal.

No incision is done, it is stitches-free and post-surgery discomfort is minimal.

The treatment is for people of every age, no matter what the condition of your teeth is. You can always consult one of our specialists to find out if LANAP is for you.

LANAP treatment in 7 easy steps

  1. Perio probe indicates excessive pocket depth
  2. Laser light denatures bacteria and diseased tissue
  3. Ultrasonic piezo and specialized tips are used to remove root surface tartar and treat the bony defect
  4. Laser finishes disinfecting the pocket and creates a fibrin “gel” cloth
  5. Stable fibrin clot (red thrombus promotes angiogenesis
  6. Bite trauma is adjusted
  7. New attachment and regeneration occur