People are more and more sensitive to the importance of good oral hygiene, and April, National Oral Health month, is here to remind us that this aspect of our health is not to be overseen.

Having a pretty smile is more than just white teeth. It also consists in having no discomfort, and being able to chew easily. It is also being proud to show off your dentition, either to your dentist or simply in public. It is an empowering feeling to know your smile is great, but also that your oral hygiene is.

This starts with daily actions such as brushing your teeth after every meal followed by flossing. These care, along with annual visits to your dentist for a full dental scaling, cleaning and a digital image of your dentition make for a winning practice to be done throughout your life. Having this oral health routine from a young age will grant you with a fantastic smile, even when you are grown up.