Do you suffer from gum recession and the idea of a gum graft is not appealing? You will be happy to learn that there is a new effective and less painful treatment available. The revolutionary Pinhole technique is your right solution!

Goodbye Pain and Stitches

This treatment developed by American Doctor John Chao could be translated by “the needle hole technique”. It consists of a small hole made the in zone affected by gum recession. Through this opening, they use specially designed instruments to gently loosen the gum tissue and glide it over the receded part of the tooth. Collagen strips are then placed to facilitate the healing, and then that’s it, it’s done! This is done under local anesthesia, of course.

Quick, Efficient and No Pain

In less than an hour, the surgery is done. A whole jaw could be treated in just one session. It’s the end of long, expensive and painful treatments. No more bleeding and swelling. In two days, your gum will have healed and you will enjoy your pretty smile back!

What is gum recession?

Also called receding gum, the root of the teeth is exposed, and the teeth affected looks longer. The part of the root that is exposed differs from the tooth enamel by being yellowish. Someone suffering from gum recession will be more sensible to hot, cold and touch.

What are the factors causing this?

A genetic predisposition, a bad alignment of the teeth, bruxism, or often, an aggressive tooth brushing can explain gum recession. In some cases, a lip or tongue piecing or inappropriate preventive care or no care at all can be in cause.

PARO IMPLANTO Pointe-Claire, Your Companion

You suffer from gum recession and the Pinhole treatment seems to be THE solution? The highly qualified PAROL IMPLANTO Pointe-Claire team is there for you! This team has the expertise of this revolutionary technique. Do not bail on your next treatment of fear of side effects! Make an appointment today with a PARO IMPLANTO Pointe-Claire specialist.