Following a procedure, it may be difficult to enjoy certain foods for a period of time. It is crucial to follow the post-operative care instructions to avoid any discomfort or complications.

It is important to avoid slurping, sucking, or chewing on the affected side. Otherwise, there may be a risk of re-opening the wound. This may lead to bleeding and infection, thereby delaying the healing process. Although you will be limited to soft foods, it is still essential to maintain a nutritious and healthy diet. We understand that this temporary diet can be difficult, which is why we have come up with some simple and delicious suggestions for you.

Here are some of the clinic’s favorite smoothie recipes!

Apple Pie Smoothie

This smoothie brings us back to fall and holidays! It contains almost 20% of your recommended daily dose of calcium and has almost no refined sugar, which solidifies teeth and helps healing.

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

The Pumpkin spice Paro-smoothie brings you comfort and health thanks to its ingredients that contain antiseptic properties that protect your mouth from bacteria!

King Kong Smoothie

Ce smoothie est rempli d'antioxydants, de protéines et de potassium. Le potassium aide à la régulation de l'eau et des minéraux dans les reins. Ceci prévient la rétention d'eau, donc moins d'inflammation !

Completely Mango Smoothie

This is one immunity-boosting smoothie ! It is nutritionally packed with folic acid, vitamins A, C, E and more. The generous amounts of vitamins boost your immune system fighting off bacteria. So drink up !

Green Grand Cru Smoothie

This Mean Machine is jam packed with calcium and iron. The greens contain more calcium than milk, which strengthens bone health. Iron helps the function of red blood cells.

Explosive Smoothie

This smoothie is full of antioxidants, which can be found in coloured fruits and vegetables. The antioxidants help optimize healing by boosting our immune system. Let’s drink this!

Fruity Omega Smoothie

This delicious smoothie is rich in Omega-3 and Vitamin C. Omega-3 helps reduce inflammation while Vitamin C is key to the production of collagen which helps gums stay in place.

Find some inspiration in these recipe videos!


Following an operation, it is important to avoid sucking or chewing

with the affected areas. Doing so could result in bleeding and infection,

which can delay the healing process or even cause the procedure to fail.

In collaboration with Claudine Larivière